Instagram That Shiet

April 4, 2014 by Melissa @ Al Forno Mementos


Currently sitting outside in the backyard.
The weather is wonderful.
Rocky and Rizzo are running around.
Can you find them?


I took these boogers walking the other day.
Found out Rizzo doesn’t need a leash.
Happy parent right here.


I’m always trying to write.
My thoughts flow better when I’m out in the cold.
Wrote 2 stanzas in less than 2 minutes last Saturday.


Rizzo is really Asian.
He fits into our family perfectly.


Who else played?
I caught Snorlax and I was done.
My favorite Pokemon.
Did you know he’s over 1000 pounds?!


For The Kids throwback Thursday.
They’ve changed me in ways I cannot explain.
8 days until the 2014 Dance Marathon!
Donate to the Kids at!

PicMonkey Collage (1)

Remember my last post about the coworker guy?
He got me super angry that I had to write to get over it.
Before and After. The After is still messy.
Needs better instrumentals but I think it’s pretty good for finishing in 1 day.
And we’re friends again. haha


And I’ll end with yet another dog picture.
Rocky is creeping on the neighbors.
Rizzo is just chilling waiting to play with him.
They’ve been like that for a good half hour …

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Stay Positive & Think Good Thoughts!

I’ve Become the Center of Office Gossip

March 28, 2014 by Melissa @ Al Forno Mementos

Hello, world. This is going to be a lengthy post so you can just stop while you’re ahead if you like. Life has been a little better on my end. Trying to focus on the positives only and it seems to be working in majority.

The only thing is office gossip about me and this one guy. Apparently we have sparks and everyone can see it but nothing is happening so they’re getting fed up with it. The overall conversation was that I need to get my ass into gear and just put myself out there and not be scared to fall. Yep. My love life is like a television show for my coworkers. You’re welcome, y’all. Glad I can entertain. Don’t forget your popcorn.

I had an hour phone call with Sissy about it. Weird because I rarely talk to my family about my nonexistent love life. She said the same thing … put myself out there and not be afraid. Wonderful.

Today, I had lunch at Spring Creek Barbeque with Lia, Sammy, Saleh, and their friend whose name I do not remember. He has pretty eyes though … The guys just talked to themselves mostly while Lia and I talked about random things. Sammy would comment once in a while. I didn’t even think he was paying attention. Then we went our separate ways.

Joanne me me at my house to meet Rizzo. I haven’t seen her in a year so it’s always a nice time with her. We caught up with so many things then decided to go to Tess’s Ceramics to paint. She had a mug started and I picked a tiny little bowl that has a dog hanging off the side. Perfect for Rizzo to use as a water dish!

We had a super early dinner at Panera Bread and talked about the office gossip guy. Her two cents is that I need to to man up and tell him to give me an answer. So pretty much confront him and ask him if he’s in or out. Wonderful. No one is on my side!


Now I’m at Cloud Café. After half a year, I’m finally back and accompanying Joanne since she has to get her studies done. And here I am blogging.

So this post pretty much is nothing but about my nonexistent love life. That I should just get out there and do it.

Advice heard … will I do it? We shall see.

Till next time …

Highlights of the Week

March 23, 2014 by Melissa @ Al Forno Mementos

After a series of horrible incidents, I figured I’d highlight the great ones because everyday there are more good then bad. And because Brittany said so.



Wings and beers were had to celebrate St Patrick’s Day unwind with Mallory and Samantha. Also the time I put Tinder on my phone just so I can say I did it. We laughed so much while looking at all the guys. Wednesday night while waiting for the Key Lime Pie to bake, I talked to this one guy about music. Then deleted it right after. Maybe when I’m older …



Getting compliments on my Lemon Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting (all homemade!) for a baby shower. They preferred my cake over a professional cake! Even the parents-to-be wanted to take home my cake and not the professional one … and they don’t even like cake! I was on cloud 9.



Attempting to be more girly, I curled my hair for work and this super cute guy complimented me under his breath. I didn’t hear him completely and said “What?”, in which he replied, “Nothing …” I feel like we’re in high school.



Homemade Key Lime Pie was a hit as well for Tony’s birthday. One of my coworkers even asked if I was willing to run a bakery if he threw money down for it. Gah compliment galore. I’d want to be my own boss though soooo probably not.


Capture (2)

I never really write down-in-the-dumps posts let alone statuses so I was surprised by the plethora of love on Facebook, phone calls, and texts. I’m happy to know that there’s so much love out there for one little old me.



Genghis and World of Beer with Michelle for dinner. Reporters are so busy so I cherish every moment I get with her. We got to catch up on a lot of things and I was sad to see her go. Until next time … at least I know this friendship will last for years and years. We just have that kind of bond. I hope I didn’t just jinx it …


Went over to Jared’s house after saying bye to Michelle. I finally got to meet Joe and Dollie, his dogs. So freaking adorable. Then he drove us to World of Beer. Yep … I was just there. (The picture was from when I was with Michelle.) Always a swell time with this fella. Can’t wait until he’s back in Houston for an internship in June!

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Things will keep flying at me but I will try to stay as positive as I can.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

When Everything Goes Right, Something Bad Is Coming

March 16, 2014 by Melissa @ Al Forno Mementos

When so many things go right. When you’re at your happiest and you don’t think anything bad will happen. When you feel everything is falling into place …

Let me back track to some happy days before we get to that.

PicMonkey Collage (1)

03.08.14 :: San Antonians in Houston. Took them to Mia Bella Trattoria (great date place), Saint Arnold Brewery, Sweets Bakery, and Studio Movie Grill (300 was amazing!). Got a lovely ring from Patricia, too.

My cousin, Joanna, got engaged. I am so excited for her! Another wedding!!

03.13.14 :: Saw some old friends and helped them with a project they’re working on. Ed, Ryan, and Daniel. It’s like nothing has changed. We are pretty much still the same people. I always love just sitting there listening to them jam out. Super peaceful.

Found out an old friend of ours, John D., got engaged recently. Gah .. so many people are getting married!

Snapchat-20140314063437 (1)

03.14.14 :: Went to the dermatologist and got like 50 shots in both my feet. Then they went numb for a long while. Had lunch with Sammy, Lia, and Sammy’s cousin (Saleh?) at Grub.

Dinner at Cheddar’s with Mallory, John, and Samantha. Then went out for drinks with Sammy at Big Ben Tavern. Lia was suppose to show up but she got lazy and didn’t. Rude.

03.15.14 :: Had a fun time hanging out with Ryan and Ed. Had dinner at a Tex-Mex place then just chilled at Ed’s place listening to records.

So many great things were happening to me. I was happier than I’ve been for a while so it’s only normal to have something horrible happen, right?

Snapchat-20140316092927 (1)

Got into my first real accident where I was t-boned. The police came out of nowhere. Luckily both me and the other dude didn’t get hurt. Just sore and bruises.

My poor baby.

So that’s my update. Yep. Life is grand …

The Little Things

March 7, 2014 by Melissa @ Al Forno Mementos


I cannot get over this. Mother nature did so well this time around. Pretty frozen icicled trees.


This is an old picture … but I got to see this little lady and it made my week. It’s been almost a year since we saw each other. It sucks how growing up tears us apart but when we get to spend time together, I treasure it so much more.

P.S. I miss my tan. I’m the definition of Asian. Straight yellow.


Mallory and I signed our puppies for training class. Since Lacy is now 30+ lbs (?) and Rizzo is only 4.8 lbs, we wanted to make sure they still play well together. And they did … Best friends. It was also a great time for me to catch up with Mallory and John. Even got to meet one of Mallory’s family members, Tim. It was a good night.


Work has been a whirlwind. Stress x100. Luckily I have coworkers that make it a little more bearable. Kitty drawn by a coworker gave me a good laugh with the story he told while doing so.

Snapchat-20140307053700 I love no matter how loud I belt out ballads and such, Rizzo still sleeps soundly and doesn’t run away from me. This is him with a glass of wine because he’s an alcoholic. (just kidding)

My life revolves around Rizzo now. I snap and insta him all the time. I’m sure my friends are annoyed. OH WELL.

Tomorrow I get to see some lovelies that are visiting me from San Antonio. Life will be made. Until then, Stay Positive and Think Good Thoughts.

Poor Rizzo

February 24, 2014 by Melissa @ Al Forno Mementos

Today was one of the toughest days I’ve encounter. Other than having something due for work and having 4 meetings, I had to get ready for a meeting I’ll be somewhat leading tomorrow. It’s still not done. Good thing it’s in the afternoon.

The other thing was taking Rizzo to the doctor. It was time for his next batch of shots as a puppy. I told the doctor my concerns with the small missing fur around his eyes and on top of his head. They did a skin scrape test and …

He has Demodex Mites. Apparently all dogs have them under their skin but for dogs under 2 years old, they tend to get inflamed due to their growing immune systems. The doctor said he’s stressed out … from eating, pooping and sleeping?

They tend to outgrow them so fingers crossed. Luckily it’s not contagious to humans or other dogs. But we’ll have to be careful nonetheless.

It was a scary experience. It was as if I had an 8 month old kid finding out something was wrong. Then the lady came out with 5 different medications that I would have to feed and clean him with. *sigh* Hoping for a quick recovery.

Thankful Thursday

February 20, 2014 by Melissa @ Al Forno Mementos

Today I’m thankful for …

Having a chance to make another one of my friend’s invitation. I can’t talk much about it because it’s a surprise for her but I just can’t wait for her to see it! Hoping she loves it just as much as the person that will be printing and mailing them out!

2 (1)

Rizzo. <3 He loves to watch telly. He’s all up on that screen. Ridiculous. He needs to have an intervention!

1 (1)

Being able to help others. “Donating means a few minutes to you but a lifetime to somebody else. Blood is meant to circulate. Pass it around.”

4 (1)

Getting things in the mail from my loves!

My friends from San Antonio. I don’t keep in touch with a lot of them anymore. But for those that I still talk with once in a blue moon … it means the world. They’re aiming to visit me too and I cannot wait!

Things are crazy over here but I’m thankful for it all. It means that I have things that are important in my life. It’s stressful at times and I do need to learn to balance everything especially now that Rizzo is in my life. Trial and error.

Happy Thursday, loves!

February 14th Is Coming

February 12, 2014 by Melissa @ Al Forno Mementos

Trying to stay on top of all the blogs is getting harder and harder every day when things pile up on the To Do List. Luckily tonight, I got to read them because I got a fraction of my To Do List completed! I’ve missed y’all.


It’s 100 days until Mallory & John’s Wedding. I cannot wait to see them hitched! The busyness hasn’t started for me yet but I feel it coming. All worth it though. Love them.

How are my workouts going? Sometimes nowhere thanks to the weather. But I have 100 days to change that. Let’s go, Melissa. Get off your ass.


I wish Rizzo and Rocky would do this together. That would be so adorable. Sadly Rocky doesn’t really like when other dogs get THAT close to him unless they’re playing.


When I feel overloaded at work, I usually take breaks and give massages to people. They seem to love it and I feel better afterward. Win-Win.


That is too great not to share. How I feel every Valentine’s Day. Am I bitter about it? No. It means I don’t have to spend money on things for the guy and there’s no guy wasting money on flowers and chocolates for me. Unless they’re dark chocolate covered strawberries. That’s a different story. If I had a Valentine’s Date, I’d be happy to be at home with a home cooked meal and a movie. Simple and no crowds. Plus, I’m a believer that every day is “Valentine’s” day.

Hope y’all got through the HUMP okay.

Until next time,
Stay Positive & Think Good Thoughts

Letting Go

February 7, 2014 by Melissa @ Al Forno Mementos

You know those friendships that you never miss but when you rekindle it, you find the missing pieces? That’s how it felt tonight.

Long story short, we use to see each other almost every day for the 3 1/2 years from being in the same club and having the same major. I was the dumb one of course. I hadn’t seen him in almost 2 1/2 years. When we both had jobs, I would visit San Antonio to see certain people, and he would come to Houston for work yet we never made it a thing to catch up and see each other.

He was staying overnight in Houston for work so we decided to meet at Buffalo Wild Wings last night. The Spurs were playing and he wanted to watch it. Time has past and I was uncertain of how much he’s changed. I know I’ve changed and I’m a different person from who he knew back then. Oh did I mention I use to have a crush on him … crush – how kiddish. Oh, and he and I never hung out one on one other than to study. This was a social event. New territory. What if we had nothing to talk about?

We meet up at 7pm and surprisingly we did little watching of the Spurs (partly because they sucked tonight) and mainly just caught up. In the end, I’m not even sure what we talked about because it was just random throw up of “Oh did you know I …?” “What no! Wait did I tell you about …” We didn’t finish half the conversations we started and didn’t leave until it was almost 10pm. Almost 3 hours of random things.

Those 3 hours that made me think of all the “friends” I use to talk to daily but now never. In those 3 hours I was able to open up and talk about things I haven’t told some people in my life now. I was able to trust him … something I wasn’t able to do in the majority of my life – with him or much of anyone then. Something changed me in the 2 1/2 years since I last saw him and I’m not sure what it is, but it felt nice not having to be afraid of letting go and speaking about things that worried me or made me happy. To talk about my feelings. I’m glad I got to see him and even if we never cross paths again, I’m glad he made me see that side of me I’ve missed for so long.

A very fitting song … and because I love Frozen.

Sincerely, Sunday

January 26, 2014 by Melissa @ Al Forno Mementos


Dear Rizzo, You are adorable. Until you run around outside where I cannot catch you. I’m afraid you’re going to get run over by a car. Please stop being a menace. I’m still trying to train him to use a leash but it’s not going so well. Anyone have advice, please share.


Dear Mum, Thanks for always taking Rizzo out when I can’t. Taking care of him when I’m out. Taking care of me.


Dear Sissy and B.I.L., Thank you for my early birthday present, Fitbit Force! Today’s my first day using it and I can’t wait to see how this pushes me! I’m a little confused with it, but I’m learning as I go.

Sunday is almost over. Which means the weekend is almost over. I need a vacation. Hmm … that sounds nice. A staycation.